Non-Destructive Testing

NDT Toolkit THOR Pole Tester PortaSCAN XBS WoodScan RLS Meter MRUT

There are quite a few different types of non-destructive testing. What we’ve done is choose the best in their field. The various types of technologies include our own – radiography-based (gamma or x-ray) and eddy current, as well as other techniques such as acoustic and ultrasound.

The one truth is that not one system gives you the results required for a complete inspection nor is one system necessarily better than the other. It comes down to client need, expectation and ability for the technology to provide a result that is better than current best practise.

This is why PortaCAT Industries uses a NDT Toolkit approach and why we collaborate with other technology providers toward a solution for the client. To be better than current best practise, a technique must:

  • Be more efficient (faster)
  • Provide more data for assessment
  • Be technically sound and straightforward to understand
  • Be either cheaper or only cost marginally more than current best practice
  • Give information that is proactive, not reactive (e.g. predictive analysis more than just existing condition)
  • Be outcome-focussed for the overall structure or easily input into a methodology for that purpose
  • Test in the appropriate failure zones for a structure

Be careful of claims of technology that:

  • Load structures yet state no damage is done (if a pole is unsound, any unexpected increase in load can immediately fail it) particularly if small corrosion is present but the loading then creates stress fractures
  • Only provides advice in a single plane or based on assumptions that require multiple algorithms ‘under the hood’ so that an answer is produced but remains difficult to explain
  • Fails to cater for environmental conditions such as soil types, variations in structure sizes and manufacturing complexities

Whilst plenty of technologies will promise you the world, we’ll always be straight up about what we can and can’t do.

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