NDT Toolkit THOR Pole Tester PortaSCAN XBS WoodScan RLS Meter MRUT

The MRUT (Medium Range Ultrasonic Tranducer) versions A and C can detect corrosion well below ground line even without digging, regardless of the backfill type, coatings or other encapsulation of the pole.

It is suitable for use on both direct buried and flanged poles. The device includes a dry-coupled piezo thickness testing method i.e. there is no need to apply a couplant. It also has EMAT (Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer) sensors for thickness measurement and corrosion detection – identifying both location and severity. It detects other defects such as stress fractures, regardless of whether they are on the inside or outside of the pole.

A major benefit of the MRUT device is that it does not require intimate contact with the steel surface and can work through coatings up to 2-3mm thick.

The MRUT “PowerBox H” displays a graphical output of the condition of the pole that can be easily interpreted by the inspector. If an issue is detected, the inspector can then either condemn based solely on the output, or they can investigate further by using the dry coupled or EMAT thickness tester.

Scanned images can be transferred to other devices for storing in asset management systems for future comparison and to indicate speed at which corrosion is advancing.

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