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Many countries have extensive overhead power distribution and street lighting poles that represent a large capital investment. This means there are considerable savings to be made by extending the life of these poles and detecting problems early to enable planned maintenance or replacement.

If the use of better techniques delays pole replacement and extends average pole lifespans, there are significant potential annual and long term savings in terms of reducing unassisted pole failures and lessening replacement of poles that are otherwise sound.

The consequences of pole failure can be dire with numerous incidents of injury or fatality to linesmen or the public who are unfortunate to be in its proximity. Just as serious is when downed lines start bushfires that result in potential loss of life, damage to property and accompanying cost.

This highlights the need for regular inspection of poles; however the accepted practice of drilling holes in timber is becoming questioned more and more as a reliable and objective technique.

Any successful replacement technique needs to give much more information to the utility than what presently exists. Any Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) device needs to provide an accurate picture of the critical zone and have to be quick, cost-effective and reliable. This approach to combining the best of a number of techniques has led to the development of the NDT Toolkit:

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