PortaCAT Industries is a leader in the NDT field for assessing the condition of timber and steel structures, with industry participation of over 17 years and key business partnerships with the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences in New Zealand and CMT (Testing) Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Offering more than just a single approach to the task of providing an asset manager with better information about their assets, PortaCAT Industries has access to a suite of NDT options and uses this “Toolkit” approach to offer a more complete solution.

It’s not just about providing a ‘machine’, but about getting into the deeper understanding of how things work, the best fit for an organisation and how to balance technology with the human factor. The relationships PortaCAT Industries builds with its clients is about working closely for an long term outcome not just looking for the short term gain.

We recognise the advantage in collaborating with technology and projects and are always interested in considering proposals to combine resources in partnership with others.

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