Asset Management
PortaCAT Industries is a leader in the NDT field for assessing the condition of timber and steel structures, with industry participation of over 13 years and key business partnerships with the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences in New Zealand and CMT (Testing) Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Transmission and Distribution Line Consultancy Partner
Groundline Engineering provides high-quality Transmission and Distribution Line consultancy services across Australasia.

With offices in Christchurch (New Zealand), Bendigo and Adelaide (Australia), staff operate from both sides of the Tasman liaising daily and working as a single cohesive team. Their Engineers have an extensive and varied background in Power Line Engineering and Utility Asset Management, providing consultancy and field services across Australia and New Zealand.

Pole Inspection and Aerial Vision Technologies
Safer Power uses innovative systems to assess the safety of electrical assets. This includes non-destructive testing of wood and steel power poles, lifecycle management and unrivaled accurate condition monitoring.

Our other services include – Evaluation of additional loads on structures and the impact on asset life; Infrared Surveys; GPS Capture and Plotting; Safety Audits and Preparation of Asset Management Plans.

Innovative Technologies
Innoprac was formed in late 2012 as a vehicle to promote, develop, commercialise and market products that are of interest primarily to the utilities sector – but also with a focus on exploring possibilities in bringing people, processes, and technology together. The underpinning emphasis for investigating products and relationships is combining innovation with practicality.

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