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The unique Relative Loss of Section (RLS™) Meter is developed specifically to locate and quantify corrosion of steel poles, light columns and reinforcing that cannot be identified by visual inspection. i.e. internal and external surfaces of the buried section of the root, and internal corrosion of the base and hot swaged joint

  • Test Without Excavation
  • Efficient
  • Safe and Simple to Use
  • Portable
  • Scientific and Quantifiable
  • Proven Since 1998

An eddy current-based technique developed in the United Kingdom and in use for over 13 years overseas, the RLS™ is a NDE method that allows the operator to scientifically quantify corrosion in the critical zone of a pole without excavation.

The RLS™ technique is a dry coupled system that will provide a cost efficient assessment of the column. The results obtained estimate the percentage loss of section allowing the columns to be classified for either replacement or retesting at a scheduled interval.

Combined with a simple classification matrix, asset managers can appropriately schedule replacement knowing that the technique is validated on over 1.2 million poles in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Hong Kong . In Singapore it is the only technique approved to test embedded steel poles and CMT (Testing) Limited in the UK is the first and only organisation to be awarded UKAS Accreditation to ISO 17025 for testing lighting columns using the RLS™ Technique.

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