NDT Toolkit THOR Pole Tester PortaSCAN XBS WoodScan RLS Meter MRUT

The THOR Pole Tester is designed for fast and efficient on-site assessment of the condition of a timber pole and uses state-of-the-art signal processing.

Backed up by rigorous testing and research analysis, the THOR Pole Tester is your frontline tool for quickly determining if a pole is behaving normally, as a lead into the PortaSCAN® XBS and WoodScan® analytical tools for a more thorough assessment if flaws are detected.

It is designed to test from essentially the top of the pole through to the base in a matter of seconds, providing the operator with a simple response as to the fitness to climb or to subsequently test further.

The instrument detects, analyses and records the signal of a series of stress waves entered into the pole by the hammer. Onboard processors analyse the signal based on the duration of the waveform against the impulse force and provides the operator with a visual clue as to the state of the pole.

When the force is applied to the pole from the impulse hammer, the stress wave travels up to near the top of the pole and down to near the base. The location of the test is important so that the waveform for the signal results in the most effective analysis.


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